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Mauro Silva
March 25, 2024

Thank You! Total Cash Home Buyers Specially to Brandy, for the smooth and very professional transaction for me and my buyers home purchase. Brandy was amazing assisting me (Buyers Realtor) in the whole process and quick response to my calls and text messages. I'm very pleased with how professional their team worked on this transaction to buy one of their houses in hollywood. I totally recommend brandy and the his team for all the hard work and honesty in our transaction. Mauro Silva P.A. (Realtor) Miami / Fort Lauderdale

Ryan Pollio
March 20, 2024

Total Cash Home Buyers made the sale of my home super easy and they also found me another property to move into. Very thankful for finding this company through there ad. Highly recommend using them.

Sean Moyer
March 14, 2024

Great company. Luke was very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Offered me a very fair deal. Highly recommend working with them.

Sarah S
March 11, 2024

Fantastic experience with this company! Jessie was incredibly helpful and made the entire process easy and stress-free. Highly recommend!

Max Fiorentino
March 3, 2024

The customer service that Total Cash Home Buyers gave myself and my family was truly amazing. Clarice, the transaction coordinator, was very communicative and kept us up to date on everything. The process as a whole was very smooth and we got the exact amount that we agreed to on the contract. They were honest and that’s all we could’ve asked for. Thank you TCHB!

March 2, 2024

Luke and Jessie made the process of helping sell my families home super easy. We are very grateful to have come across their Google Ad and would highly recommend their services to others.

Jay Cummings
February 29, 2024

Working with Luke has been nothing short of spectacular! Very transparent and knowledgeable

Emmerson Zinn
February 27, 2024

Jessie was a pleasure to speak with. She’s very understanding and allowed us to ask all the questions my family wanted to ask about how her company works. Very thankful to have come across her.

Mckennon Kessler
February 25, 2024

The whole team at Total Cash Home Buyers was extremely easy to work with. They were responsive to every call or text I made and were a pleasure to do business with.

Shreya Patel
February 25, 2024

TCHB was so easy to work with. They closed fast and made the process super simple. I would highly recommend this company.

Stefan Obenland
February 25, 2024

TCHB was exactly the type of cash buyer I was looking for. The Equity Protection Program covered all of my closing costs, I paid zero commissions, I closed in 60 days which was perfect timing, and I got much more than what every other cash buyer was offering. I would highly recommend this company.

ashley landolfi
February 24, 2024

Total Cash Home Buyers Equity Protection Program was a white glove service. Jessie was amazing at setting expectations right from the get-go. My family understood that TCHB was not going to be the end buyer and that was okay. We got a much higher offer from Jessie than what every other company was offering plus TCHB covered all the closing costs with NO commissions. This company was amazing and my family is very grateful to have come across their Google Ad.

Jacob Mell
February 23, 2024

Total Cash Home Buyers was a major help in making the home-selling process so easy for my family. Through their Equity Protection Program they got us a lot more money compared to what other cash buyers could offer us. They covered all the closing costs and we paid no commissions. Thank you to everyone at TCHB!

Taylor Freeman
February 21, 2024

Working with this team was an absolute pleasure. Their knowledge and professionalism made me feel completely at ease throughout the entire process.

February 21, 2024

If you're thinking about selling your home, I can't recommend this company enough! They not only helped me sell my house fast but also made finding a new place a breeze. Jessie was very communicative throughout the whole process!

Evan Caaa
February 18, 2024

Total Cash Home Buyers is the way to go to the if you’re looking to sell a house. The sales rep I spoke with set expectations right from the start and the company lived up to such expectations all throughout the process.

February 17, 2024

This company closed in 45 days, gave me the exact amount we agreed upon, and paid all the closing costs. It costed me nothing to sell my house. I didn’t have to pay for any repairs or any fees. Thank you TCHB! I will use this company again when I sell my rental property in December of 2024.

Robert Monsanto
February 16, 2024

This company did exactly what they said they would. Through their equity protection program they got me a much higher offer than any other cash buyer and handled EVERYTHING. At first I was hesitant to work with a company that I found online. I’ve heard stories of companies backing out of transactions BUT it was the biggest blessing to fill out TCHB’s website. Each person I spoke with at this company was honest, fair, and compassionate. If I ever need to sell a property again I know exactly who I will be calling. Thank you TCHB!

Jasleena Herrera
February 16, 2024

Brandy was amazing at helping my family move on from a 50 year old house that was being used a rental property. The process was very easy and we closed in 60 days which was perfect timing for our tenants. I highly recommend working with this company if you want to sell a house as-is.

Parker Hickey
February 11, 2024

Luke and Jessie were excellent to work with. They were great at communicating with me and my family all throughtout the process. I highly recommend this team if you’re looking to sell a house.

Griffin B
February 10, 2024

I recently inherited a house from my family and there ended up being a reverse mortgage on the house. I didn’t want to lose my home to a bank that had been passed down to me from my mom. I saw Total Cash Home Buyers on Google and decided to call them and it was the best decision I could’ve made. Luke showed me a lot of respect and made me a fair cash offer. I was able to sell the house as-is with no contingencies. They delivered and I would highly recommend these folks to anyone else.

Kyle Goldberg
February 10, 2024

Jessie was amazing in helping me sell a rental property without any hassle. I highly recommend working with this company if you want to sell a property without any stress.

Wyatt Aycock
February 6, 2024

Luke was super easy to talk to and made the process of selling my families home very simple. I would highly recommend working with this company as they delivered exactly what they said they would.

Soulie Segovia
February 5, 2024

If you are looking for a company that is with you evert step of the way and makes it convenient, this is where to go. I recommend using them on the sell of your home!

amber lanhan
February 4, 2024

This company was super easy and transparent. I’d highly recommend this company to anyone looking to sell a house without any hassle

Brad Smith
February 4, 2024

Luke and his team are so helpful, I can't recommend them enough!

Matthew Lasater
February 3, 2024

Super easy to work with. Explained everything well and kept me updated. The whole process was easy. I would recommend them.

Vincent Foisy
February 3, 2024

i inherited a property years ago and it was in pretty bad shape. These guys came through on their offer. They closed within 30 days with no hiccups, i didn't have to pay for anything. It was a very smooth process. Thank you so much Total Cash!

Joey Ambrefe
February 3, 2024

Total cash buyers is the way to go! Luke was super helpful in making sure that I was satisfied with the process & made things run extremely smooth! Would highly recommend using them going forward!

Tyler Truong
February 2, 2024

TCHB is the way to go if you are serious about looking to sell a home in the most convenient way possible. Very easy people to work with from Luke, the home buying specialist I spoke with, to Brandy, the CEO of the company.

Jabari Hijab
February 1, 2024

I highly recommend working with Total Cash Home Buyers! Selling to them was quick and easy. The team was extremely honest and communicative throughout the entire process.

Rashard Alomari
January 25, 2024

All I can say about the team at Total Cash Home Buyers is wow! Straightforward, loyal, and effective! They got it done and made the process seamless for me. Thanks again guys!

Blaine Reas
January 25, 2024

Luke did a great job in helping my family sell there house in the exact time frame they were looking for. His company was very professional with updating my parents on exactly what was going on in the process. I would highly recommend this company.

Gabby Canola
January 22, 2024

Jessie was amazing to speak with about my families property. She got a full understanding of what we needed to accomplish and had her team provide us with an amazing service. Very thankful that I filled out there web form online! Highly recommend this company if you’re looking to sell a house.

Vincent Sprague
January 16, 2024

Had a quick and easy transaction with these guys! I look forward to working together in the future on more properties.

sarah comrie
October 21, 2023

Like many other people I have gotten a lot of calls and mail sent to my house from people saying they’ll buy house. All of these people wanted to offer me 50% of what my house is actually worth. When Jessie gave me a call I was super skeptical but the way she explained her process to me and why they would be a good fit for me gave me confidence to trust them. It was the best decision I could’ve made. If you are seriously looking to sell your house, take the leap and work with them.

ellie eide
October 7, 2023

Jessie made everything so easy. She was upfront, honest, and very understanding of my family’s situation. We were contemplating working with other companies but after seeing others experience with Total Cash Home Buyers, we decided to work with them. My family is extremely happy that we made the right decision.

Tim Saighal
October 5, 2023

This review is long overdue. I had an inherited property which got vandalized and had squatters in it. I called several real estate companies to try to sell it and did not feel comfortable with any of those companies. I talked to Luke from total cash home buyers and really appreciated his professionalism regarding the explanation of the process and he made me cash offer that I thought was fair and we closed on the property in less than a week. Overall, it was a fantastic experience working with this company. Highly recommend.

Nick capozzi
September 19, 2023

Jessie did a great job making everything super clear and upfront. Would definitely recommend using this company if you do want to sell your home.

September 1, 2023

Working with Jessie and Luke at Total Cash Home Buyer was an absolute pleasure! They were the best to work with throughout the entire process. Their dedication and expertise were evident from the start. They patiently answered all my questions, addressed any concerns, and guided me through each step with professionalism and a friendly demeanor. Jessie and Luke truly went above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Total Cash Home Buyer earns a solid five stars, thanks in large part to Jessie and Luke’s exceptional service!

Berto J
August 31, 2023

Great team! Very professional!

Jason Cordova
August 25, 2023

Had a good experience with luke. He walked me through the whole process and i think the offer was very fair

Patricia Ontaneda
May 26, 2023

Very professional, I was really happy

Camryn m
November 1, 2022

Thank you to Brandy and his team for helping me sell my home. They made it extremely easy and I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

sabella morsillo
October 31, 2022

Jessie was amazing in helping me with the process of selling my home. I would absolutely recommend using this company for anyone looking to sell there home.

allan moiseyev
October 12, 2022

brandy is the man you want to buy your house. not only is he professional and knowledgeable but paid me more that $70,000 that i was first offered by "BOB". he is easy to deal with and saved me about $30,000 on real estate commissions and closing costs. no need to do anything to repair your home, brandy will take care of it. i give him six stars even though five is the max. if i decide to sell my other house, brandy is the first man i would call.

Robert Jones
October 4, 2022

He has the ability to recognize potential and to help the individual to capitalize on it. Highly recommended for any and all investors and contractors, as he seems to have endless potential, with his ability to help you as proof. A harmless man is not a good man, a good man is a dangerous man, who has it under voluntary control. To me, Brandy embodies this statement.

Luke Pollack
September 26, 2022

Brandy is an outstanding leader with a great team behind him.